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VERDALONDON, formerly FERDALONDON, was created in 2019. It was founded by a visionary British designer, Ferda Yayci, born in Warwickshire, UK, in 1988, and raised in Sheffield & Derbyshire. Her roots trace back to Turkiye, where her parents were born and raised, and their ancestors migrated from Abkhazia, which also influenced her collections due to her diverse cultural influences.

After spending five transformative years in Istanbul, renowned for its vibrant textile industry, the founder gained over 7 years of invaluable experience before starting her own business. The influences of eminent designers, particularly Patricia Gomez-Gracia and Nathan Jenden, shaped her journey. Gomez-Gracia's ethereal designs, worn by celebrities like Carrie Underwood at the Grammy Awards, made a lasting impression. Meanwhile, Jenden's work with prestigious brands such as Diane Von Furstenberg and Louis Vuitton provided a rich backdrop for her burgeoning career.

Focused on creative pattern-making, draping and exclusives handmade in London and RTW produced in Istanbul, Verda London is driven by the spirit of women's empowerment, diverse cultural influences, and the revival of forgotten traditional techniques. The brand seamlessly blends elements of art, history, and cinematic inspiration, infusing each collection with profound social commentary on feminism and equality. Our creations stand as unique high-end designs, embodying the essence of wearable couture. They combine timeless elegance with allure, conveying meaningful stories through the finest quality materials. Our clientele comprises modern individuals who not only appreciate fashion but also value ethical choices.

VERDALONDON luxury brands' craftsmanship is carried out by locals and entrepreneurs across diverse locations. This includes traditional laceworks crafted by an Anatolian artisan working from home, a local atelier specialising in knitted garments, and tailors for occasional and tailored collections, among others. Rooted in love, care, and a commitment to ethical work practices and an ever-improving sustainability process,


VERDALONDON aims to leave a positive and enduring impact on the fashion industry and the global community.

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