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Ferda London's first Artist collaboration was with the highly imaginative talent, Christopher Halliwell. An artist that has no fear of pushing the boundaries in his work.



Chris studied Fine Art at The University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

He taught Art and Design in Schools, Colleges and Sheffield Hallam University (up to 2018). Towards the end - mainly lecturing in Historical Context, Theory and Critical Analysis.

Throughout life - heavily involved in music (writing, recording and performing - solo, and in various bands and collaborations. Signed a four album deal with Warner Bros (East/West) in 1992 (shelved shortly afterwards).












He says that all his creative endeavours (Art/Music/Writing/Theatre/Film...) explore the darker side of life's journey, and are concerned with storytelling - whether through metaphor or enigmatic intrigue...

















'I begin with something I know, or have felt deeply or emotionally affected by/cared about! Something deserved to have 'form' - that can connect to, be communicated to, an audience.'

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